Happiness Tips

Making other people happy can bring a significant amount of joy to you lives. Refer back to this page when you feel that you or those around you need their spirits buoyed.

Make a phone call

Call up one person a day for a catch up or a gossip – studies show that even if we’re having an off day, speaking to a loved one will make us feel happier.

Give someone a hug

A good hug is one of the quickest ways to boost happiness levels as it encourages the flow of oxytocin, which soothes your nervous system, lowering blood pressure and stress levels.

Walk a dog for a friend or a family member

Offering to walk someone’s dog frees up time for them to do more for themselves, while giving you the opportunity to get out into nature with an animal companion. Dog walking is a positive experience for both you and the pet, not only does it offer the chance for some green exercise for both you and the dog, but it is well known that spending time with animals provides a mood boost.

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