The Power of Breath

It’s safe to say that if you are reading this you have already mastered the art of breathing for survival!

What many of us do not realise however, is that the breath, when trained through breath-work, can also connect us to profound experiences. For some, this will be a powerful voyage into the emotions; for others, it is experienced as a spiritual journey.

But what all breath-workers agree upon is that becoming breath-conscious is an inspirational gateway to feeling truly alive. Breathe fully and deeply with awareness to empower the body, focus the mind and nourish the spirit.

Breathwork benefits

How we breathe affects everything from physical stamina to emotional resilience. Here are some of the ways in which breathing well can benefit both mind and body.

Significant reduction in anxiety

Improved motivation, greater focus, improved creativity, better communication

More positive body image

Improved immune functioning, better circulation, decrease in physical pain

Greater physical strength and stamina

Reduction in muscle tension, greater freedom of movement

Sense of empowerment

Increased self awareness, greater self confidence and self acceptance, more optimistic outlook

More fulfilling relationships

Deeper sense of connection to self, others, and the universe, healing of deep childhood wounds

Increased energy

Fewer stress hormones, leading to profound sense of calm, feeling more grounded and centred, increased libido

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