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Having discovered “the gym” at 30, Holly Moore is now an avid gym bunny and trains five times a week. Always last to be picked for the netball team through high school, Holly wishes someone had encouraged her to go to the gym in her 20’s.

“Going to the gym is my non-negotiable. I’m not the first in the office because I like to get my workout done and would rather work later with a clear head. It’s the thing that balances me and makes me feel in control of the day’s events, it gives me energy and makes me feel positive which makes me better at my job.”

“I understand the benefits of exercise for physical and mental wellbeing.”  Holly understands this so  much that Make Events added a complimentary gym membership to their benefits package earlier this year.

“At Make Events we are constantly aiming to lead a healthy lifestyle. As an events agency, we get offered a lot of delicious food when attending events or FAM trips, so taking a back seat on healthy eating and exercise can sometimes be far too easy.”

As part of Event Well, Make Events have started a Monday morning group fitness class at Fusion Health. It included a core workout circuit; crunches, pushups, squats and then finished with some boxing.  Once in the office there was fresh coffee, porridge and protein balls for those post workout gains!  The team were feeling it the next day but it gave us all a boost that is rarely there on a Monday morning.

In the Make Events office stands a water cooler where the team are encouraged to have as many ice-cold glasses to refresh and revitalise your mind as possible throughout the day. Sitting looking at a screen all day can give you a headache so the team are encouraged to not let it all get too much and therefore are advised to walk out at lunch and keep moving away from their desks.

Holly said “I try to not go home and have a glass of wine. I try to live a healthy lifestyle at least Monday to Thursday. I get invited to lots of social events and although sometimes I would love nothing more than to be tucking into that Malbec, I don’t because I know what I have to do the next day.”

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