Working with leadership and organisational development expert Roffey Park Institute, the mia (Meetings Industry Association) is carrying out focus group and survey research to find out what businesses within the industry are currently doing to build compassionate and productive workplaces, and to ascertain what future best practice should be.

Michael Jenkins, CEO of Roffey Park said, “Creating more compassionate workplaces should be part of the business strategy of any organisation and the benefits of improving human relationships cannot be understated”.

Chief executive of the mia Jane Longhurst said: “We want to ensure we make real progress in making our industry a desirable and rewarding place to work and this research will address what the sector currently does well but also how we can improve”.

The official findings will be presented at a one-day event hosted by the mia in November and Roffey Park will also be creating a bespoke one-day workshop on mental health and compassionate workplaces that will be available from January 2018.

For more information on the above you can contact mia via the contact form below..

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