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MoJo Wellbeing began just like any other PT service. But over 9 years of hard work it has evolved into an approach designed to teach people the tools they need to reach their fitness goals, make healthy nutrition choices and apply those healthy habits into a sustainable routine long-term.

Patrick Moore Jones

My approach has always gone beyond just ‘reps of exercises’, and instead offered a truly holistic and health-focused approach to personal training. I’ve done this by looking into my clients nutrition, sleep habits, exercise and hydration; I call this, ‘The 5 Ways of Wellbeing’. We’ve now expanded into the realm of online coaching to help more people and really chuffed to say we should be going live in May 2019. 

I hope to continue to help clients develop restorative practices such as yoga, mobility and meditation. Having suffered terrible anxiety attacks as a child between the ages of 10-14, I’ve had to learn how to cultivate a lifestyle based around keeping stress levels down. I’m now heavily involved with helping people begin cold water therapy (or natural swimming), learning relaxing breathing techniques/exercises and taking the time to talk to people about mental health as well as fitness.


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