Sleep Meditation

Begin by lying comfortably in bed. Quietly, draw your attention to your breath. With each exhalation feel any tension you’ve been carrying through the day melt away. let go of any thoughts or concerns you may have. At the end of a busy day, it’s time to wind your mind down to prepare for deep sleep. This important time is when your body repairs, restores and regenerates, so give yourself permission to let go and relax.

Picture yourself on a beach. Feel the soft sand beneath you, the hot sun beating down on your skin. Let the cool breeze and gentle waves quieten your mind. Let your thoughts and worries dissolve into the sky above you. Release the constraint strain of thinking, returning your attention to your breath. Feel gravity take its course and notice the heaviness fill your body. And with a peaceful mind, fall into deep sleep.

Credit: Calm, Michael Acton Smith, Penguin Books

You can purchase a copy of Calm by clicking here

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