Why Keeping Fit During Lockdown Is So Important For Our Wellbeing

It’s safe to say that the world has been turned upside down by COVID-19, with the current lockdown measures making it hard to find the motivation to exercise.  When this is coupled with the challenges of working from home and limited access to fitness equipment, many of us may find it impossible to commit to a fitness routine.

However, even a little bit of exercise per day can have a huge impact on your physical and mental health, so it’s worth persevering with! Read on to find out the physical and emotional benefits of a good workout along with some activewear inspiration from the debut Denise Lewis Edit with Next.


It may seem obvious that exercise has many physical benefits, but it’s not all about losing weight and fitting into that pair of jeans you bought before the pandemic. Now more than ever, exercise is so important for maintaining physical resilience.

Exercise helps to build a stronger immune system, forming physical barriers that can adapt and fight off infection. It also encourages better circulation by getting the blood and immune cells working, aiding regeneration and repair.

Of course, weight regulation is a significant benefit of exercise. We’ve all enjoyed our banana bread and takeaways in lockdown – but you have to find a balance! From no longer commuting to just generally leaving the house less, everyone’s step count is far lower than before, so we have to make an extra effort to get ourselves moving.

Another benefit to exercise is that it helps you sleep better. We are all under tonnes of pressure at the moment with working from home, home schooling and family life to contend with. Working out increases body temperature, resulting in a calming effect on the body which in turn helps you to relax. However, our top tip would be to avoid high intensity exercise too close to bedtime, as this may in fact have a negative impact on your sleep.

If you’re looking for some fitness inspiration, we’ve just launched our own virtual mind and body gym called EventWell Fit. Here you can find yoga, HIIT, meditation and dance classes and more – there’s something for everyone.


Mental wellbeing is just as important as physical wellbeing. Exercise can really help to reduce mental fatigue and build mental resilience. In simple terms, exercise releases endorphins and these natural chemicals make you feel good. Moderate exercise throughout the week can also improve symptoms of anxiety and depression; when you work out your brain is stimulated, which not only improves cognition and mood, but also encourages clearer thinking that was once clouded by stress.

We’ve all been feeling added stress thanks to the pandemic. Parents, in particular, have had to adapt their remote working routines to the needs of home schooling.

Olympian and mum-of-four Denise Lewis, who has just released an activewear range with Next, knows this stress all too well. Her message of keeping a positive mindset and being kind to yourself is the key to staying mentally fit. She acknowledges that as a parent, it’s not possible do it all. Sometimes you just can’t fit that workout into your day and that’s OK – it’s important to just be kind to yourself:

“I’m not even sure how I juggle being a mum of four kids. You’ve just gotta have a positive mindset and be really clear with what you want to get out of the day but know that you can’t fit everything in. Don’t beat yourself up!”

Denise Lewis


From losing weight and increasing muscle tone to reducing feelings of anxiety, there are lots of benefits to exercise. All of this can give you a much needed confidence boost. The feeling of accomplishment is something that we all crave. You don’t have to exercise to simply reap the physical benefits that come with fitting into certain clothes or achieving a slimmer physique; you can also do it to boost your mind and soul.

It is definitely true that if you look good, you’ll feel good too. With many of us leading busy lifestyles, it is so important to find the motivation to stay fit. Choosing comfortable and flattering activewear can give you the boost you need to get up and get started. For Denise, activewear keeps her looking and feeling good whilst juggling responsibilities and running errands:

“What I love about activewear is that it’s easy. It doesn’t matter what time of the day I put it on. It’s simple. I can go to the gym, I can pick up the kids from school. It’s just comfortable and I feel good in it.”

Denise Lewis

The Denise Lewis edit has all the performance credentials required of an activewear range, including functional and brightly patterned leggings and technical trainers for all types of exercise.

Ready to throw yourself into exercise? Check out the EventWell Fit virtual mind and body gym for activities ranging from yoga, HIIT, meditation, hypnotherapy and dance classes (to name a few) and get kitted out with fresh activewear from the debut Denise Lewis Edit.  

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