Ask the EventWell Board? Time Management Top Tips

Ever wondered how successful event professionals manage their day?

We’re gifted to have a fantastic group of successful #eventprofs on the EventWell board and team, who share 150 years of event experience between them, so we decided who better to ask than them on how they do it.

Here’s what they shared with us:

“Plan your day and do the more challenging tasks first meaning you can focus on the more enjoyable tasks later in the day when you have less energy.” – James Hitchin, Director of Events

“If you have an important task to complete, do it first thing before you check your inbox!” – Steve Squires, Board Member

“Only say yes to one social engagement, and whatever you say yes to first honour, unless it’s a big event (wedding etc.) that comes later. Also don’t be afraid to delegate up or down.” – Mel Noakes, Board Member

“Don’t plan more than 70% of your hours in a day and don’t put anything on your list that takes more than 45 mins. Break each big task down to smaller more manageable chucks.” = Laura Capell- Abra, Director of Engagement

“Write each task down on a post-it note and then group the notes into high/medium/low priority (you can use a white board or a notebook planner for this). As tasks are in progress group these together, and then throw away (recycle) each post-it as it’s completed. At the end of each day reorganise your post-its in priority for the following day. Your ultimate goal is to only have notes in medium priority (high priority being fire-fighting) as you become more organised!” – Helen Moon, Managing Director

“At the end of the day find time to create your to do list for the following day. It is then out of your head and you will be more likely to relax and sleep better, therefore be more productive the following day.” – Samme Allen, Director of Media and Communications

“Set an alarm for 25 minutes and do one task and then take a 5 minute break. It helps you stay focussed, and its called the Pomodoro Method, or do 50 minutes and then take a 10 minute stretch break.” – Laila Datoo, EventWell Board

“Be productive first thing in the morning. Procrastinating at the start the day can make the rest of the day an uphill battle for motivation.” – Mark Maher, Board Member (borrowed from various successful people)

What did you think of our top tips?  In reality, you’re the only person who has a real understanding of your work load and how YOU work, so it’s important to find a method that works for you, but we’d recommend giving some of these a try if you’ve been struggling to stay on top of things.

Why not come back and tell us how you got on? You can share your thoughts with us below…

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