Personal Perspective: How Cheerleading helped an Events Professional gain a positive mindset.

We conducted a Question & Answer session with Events Graduate Lauren Hemingway to get her perspective on how important movement is and how it helped her whilst she was studying and whilst working.

Lauren graduated with a degree in Event Management in 2019 and including her placement year, she has now worked in the industry for over 2 years. Whilst at university she decided to join the Cheerleading Society, a sport which she has now continued participating in after leaving university. 

Read below an insight into why Cheerleading has made a positive impact on her mental health below – 

What made you join the Cheerleading Society when you were studying Events Management at University?

I joined the Cheerleading Society as a distraction from the stress of university life. I enjoy going on a run as it is a great stress relief for me, but I wanted to do a form of exercise as a part of a group for the encouragement and community feeling you get when you’re a part of a club. 

How did it help with your mental health?

Joining the Cheerleading society was one of the best decision’s I made at university. It really helped me to feel better if I had been worried or anxious about a deadline. When practicing a routine you have to put your full concentration into what you are doing, especially as you are doing stunts with other people, this helped me to forget all my other worries and really refreshed my mind. Being part of a group exercise also helped me to make some amazing friends for life, who I have really opened up to and can rely on. So not only has the exercise side really helped me but I have also gained a great support system that I am able to open up to.

Why did you decide to join a Cheerleading club once you graduated and started working in events?

It became such an integral part of my life, and really helped be to build up my confidence, I knew it would be really good for me to continue the sport. I’m able to completely immerse myself in to cheerleading and forget about work stress, or even general life stress. Which is harder to do when you try to relax by just sitting down and watching TV as your mind can easily drift to think about the event your preparing. Whilst when I’m exercising my mind is at ease and its taken to a completely different place that’s not events related.

Events can be an exhausting industry to work in, especially when you’re new to the industry. Do you think exercising has helped you relax, recharge and reinvigorate your mind?

Definitely, it’s important to have another commitment outside of work that makes you feel refreshed.  Focusing and working hard at your job is great and I’m really passionate about the events industry, but I know it’s also critical for me to focus on my health so I don’t completely wear myself down. 

Why would you recommend some sort of movement to people who work in events?

It’s important to get self care in to your routine, and exercise really helps your mental health, whether its running, cheerleading, kick boxing or just going for walk. 

Exercise is beneficial to your mental health at all stages of life. It’s important to take time out of your busy life schedule and relax your mind. Let your body produce those endorphins and spread the positivity throughout your body and mind.


Lauren Hemingway, Events Professional

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