The Benefits of a Permanent Quiet Room in your Event Venue

The talk of quiet rooms in the event industry is rife right now, so it can seem like an easy win win as an event venue to put a permanent one in place. You may see one as a new opportunity to add value and bring in new business and sales, and you would probably be right, but do you truly understand what quiet rooms are, how they support people as a vital accommodation, and what the benefits truly are?

Let’s highlight the numerous benefits of having a permanent quiet room in your event venue.

A quiet room, also known as a relaxation space or sensory room, is a designated area where individuals can retreat to find solace, recharge, and take a break from the sensory stimulation of an event.

While temporary quiet rooms are valuable, having a permanent quiet room in an event venue offers even more advantages. Let’s explore some of these benefits:

1. Accessibility and Inclusivity:

A permanent quiet room ensures that individuals with diverse sensory needs have a dedicated space available at all times. It promotes accessibility and inclusivity by providing a consistent resource for attendees who may require a break from overwhelming stimuli. This allows individuals to fully participate in events without feeling excluded or overwhelmed.

2. Consistency and Familiarity:

Temporary quiet rooms may change locations or availability from event to event, causing confusion and uncertainty for attendees. A permanent quiet room in a smaller venue provides consistency and familiarity, allowing individuals to plan and manage their sensory needs more effectively. This predictability can reduce anxiety and enhance the overall event experience.

3. Long-Term Impact:

A permanent quiet room demonstrates a commitment to the wellbeing and comfort of event attendees. It sends a powerful message that the venue values inclusivity and recognises the importance of providing a supportive environment for all. This long-term impact can foster a positive reputation for the venue and attract a wider range of event organisers and attendees.

4. Versatility and Customisation:

With a permanent quiet room, event venues have the opportunity to customise the space to cater to specific sensory needs. They can incorporate features like comfortable seating, calming lighting, sensory-friendly decor, and even interactive elements like bubble tubes or tactile panels. This versatility allows the quiet room to be tailored to the unique requirements of different individuals and events.

5. Community Engagement:

A permanent quiet room can serve as a hub for community engagement and support. It can be utilised for workshops, support groups, or educational sessions related to sensory needs and neurodiversity. This fosters a sense of community and provides a platform for individuals to connect, share experiences, and learn from one another.

6. Positive Public Image:

By having a permanent quiet room, event venues demonstrate their commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. This can enhance their public image and attract event organisers and attendees who prioritise creating inclusive experiences. It showcases the venue as a leader in providing a welcoming environment for all individuals.

Having a permanent quiet room in an event venue goes beyond meeting the immediate needs of attendees. It creates a lasting impact, promotes inclusivity, and contributes to a positive event experience for individuals with diverse sensory needs.

Let’s continue to advocate for and prioritise the integration of permanent quiet rooms in event venues!

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