Write your company wellbeing plan workshop for happy and healthy workforces

Date: Thursday 27th September, 2019

Timings: 9:00am to 5:30pm

Where: Venue details sent 4 weeks before the event

A Life More Mindful and No More Ifs Or Buts are delighted to be hosting 2 workshops on Thursday 27th September – helping you to design your bespoke company well-being plan.

With a choice of a morning or afternoon session, in these action-focused workshops you will:
– Discover the 4 crucial pillars of a successful well-being plan
– How to include these essential elements into your own well-being plan
– How to make it cost-effective, easy to apply and a positive PR message for the business.
– Learn how to measure the success and ROI
– Uncover how to get essential buy-in from key stakeholders

You’ll leave the session…
Motivated, clear and with a practical well-being roadmap for the next 6-12 months that you can implement straight away!

This workshop is open to all Business owners, Operations leaders and HR professionals who want to create change. You may work for a small business of 5 people or part of a larger organisation of 500 people – whatever size your business is, you need to have a well-considered well-being plan.


Contact the event organiser at; tel: 07967 183667, email: laura@nomoreifsorbuts.co.uk or use the enquiry form below

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