Breathwork Preparation

Fit by EventWell offers a range of breath-work classes that can be safely undertaken at home, and are designed to support you as as you face physical, psychological, emotional, or spiritual challenges.

Here’s how to prepare your mind and body to get the most out of your practice.

Health concerns

If you are living with a health condition, are pregnant, or have any concerns about your state of health, please exercise self responsibly by:

  • Asking your doctor/health professional if breathing exercises are appropriate for you
  • Listening and working within the limitations of your body in the moment
  • Starting slowly and working up to longer sessions
  • Finding a qualified breath worker like our Fit instructors to provide you with the support you need
  • If you are in any doubt check with a health professional before you start

State your intentions

In breath-work we aim to move beyond mere survival and shallow breath to a breathing pattern accompanied by awareness. Breathing consciously means observing (and sometimes changing) our breath pattern with a particular intention – for example “I am going to breath for more energy” or “this session is all about letting go”.

Think about posture

Your breath exercises will be most effective when you body is comfortable and your respiratory system is open, with your spine straight but relaxed. If a suggested position isn’t right for you, adjust it until you feel more comfortable. A relaxed body breathes more fully and realigns more easily that a tense one.

Choose nose or mouth

There is a breath for all occasions. Experiment with both nose and mouth breathing to open up the fullest range if experiences and feelings in the body. Generally, breathing though the nose is calming and balancing, whereas mouth breathing is energising and promotes emotional release.

Effective postures

  • Sitting in a chair – keep your spine straight and your feet flat on the ground
  • Kneeling or cross legged – ensure your body is relaxed, with no pressure on the legs
  • Standing – take care standing for dynamic exercises as you can feel dizzy at first
  • Walking – it can be helpful to synchronise the rhythm of your steps and breaths

Other physical positions

  • Prayer positions – many exercises end with hands in the “prayer” position over the heart. This is not a religious gesture, but a simple act of completion and balancing of left and right
  • Chin tucked down – this is a slight downwards tilt which opens the back of the neck, enabling better connection between brain and body

Fit by EventWell offers weekly breath-work classes for all abilities led by the amazing Gabby Austen-Browne and Nicole Leida, every Wednesday and Thursday morning.

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