New Year New You? We Say No!

It’s the time of year that many people opt for new year resolutions, with the aim of achieving ‘a new you’.

But here at EventWell we believe that sometimes it’s our environment that needs changing rather than ourselves. If we have a plant that is struggling we help the plant by changing and improving the environment the plant is growing in rather than just trying to ‘fix’ the plant?

So here are our top recommendations for January, to help you to assess and look at your environment to ensure you are surrounded by things that will help you to thrive.

New Year – New Environment!

Make Your Workplace Calm

The workplace is, for many of us, the most stressful environment we can find ourselves in. Workplace stress is often a source of concern for people and can leave us feeling very negative.

To make your workplace feel calmer, try adding some plants to your desk area, as they not only brighten up the place and give you some of the calming benefits of nature but help oxygenate your environment.

It is equally important to make sure you take regular breaks from your work to avoid feeling overburdened, even if you just go to make a drink.

Finally, avoid letting other people’s stress rub off on you. Stress can be ‘contagious’ so if a colleague is complaining and being overly negative, either move the conversation away from the subject or, if you can’t, excuse yourself and spend some time away from them.

De Stress Your Home

Although you may not realise it, your home can be a very stressful place. Whether you have too much clutter around you, too many demands on your time and resources, or perhaps you don’t feel comfortable in your home. These are some of the ways in which your living environment can become a stressor.

Try reducing stress by using simple cleaning and de-cluttering methods.

Make sure you only keep things you really need – unwanted clutter can be sold via websites such as eBay, or given to charity shops.

When cleaning, start in one room and clean it from the back to the front. Divide the house room by room and tidy one each day, if that helps.

These steps will make your home a more comfortable environment and help you feel positive about where you live, as well as help you stay on top of your chores.

Understand Your Stressors

While there are several broad issues that often cause stress in the majority of people, we tend to know ourselves best, and can work out which things affect us the most – these are known as ‘triggers’ or ‘stressors’.

Identifying your triggers and making small, manageable changes are important steps in de-stressing.

For example, it may be that driving to work makes you feel stressed, or maybe it’s going for a big night out. In these instances, why not try getting the bus to work, or arranging smaller social gathering with your friends.

Keep a Diary

Many people find keeping a diary or a journal therapeutic as it provides a structured way to discuss and release emotions and feelings, as well as acting as a record of your recent history, which you can look back on in order to understand your feelings about certain people, places and situations.

Try focussing your diary entries on positive and negative feelings, ask yourself where and when you feel happiest, where you feel uncomfortable and who affects your mood.

Be honest with yourself and use this as a learning tool.

When choosing a diary, make sure it is one you will want to pick up and write in every day. Choose a design and layout that suits your tastes, and keep it somewhere you know you will see it and remember it, for example on a bookshelf or on your bedside table.

And Finally… See Your Doctor

If you feel stress and negativity has taken over your life in an unhealthy way and is having a detrimental effect on your health, the best advice is to consult with your GP.

Prolonged stress, negativity and low mood can be signs of more serious underlying conditions and your doctor is the best first step to get you back to where you want to be.

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