10 tips to Better Sleep!

1. Airplane mode – Set a time for this (eg 8.pm)

2. Supplement – Small handful of nuts before bed (source of tryptophan), supplements like 5HTP, Magnesium glycinate, Melatonin might help.

3. Blackout – Draw the curtains, tape up anything that emits light with black tape. Ensure your room is dark. Alternatively use an eye mask.

4. Blue light – Decide when to stop screen time or..night mode on your phone, use apps like Flux or invest in a good pair of blue light blocking glasses.

5. Aromatherapy – Pop a few drops of lavender, chamomile, sandalwood on your pillow or eye mask.

6. Meditate – Have a meditation or breath practice just before bed. I like the 4sec inhale/4sec hold/8 sec exhale breath pattern. If I wake up and have trouble getting back to bed, I will use this pattern or worst case, a guided sleep meditation.

7. Food – Stop eating at least 2-3 hours before bed.

8. Hydrate – Stop drinking liquids just before bed to prevent frequent night time toilet trips.

9. Temperature – Optimal temperature is between 60-65 deg fah (16-18 deg cel).

10. Reading/journaling – Have a light novel to read just before bed. Alt journal about 3 things that went well and 1 thing you will do better tomorrow.

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Luke Tan, Coach, Author, Vegucator and Co-Host Plant Fit Summit

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