Why Mobile Meditation?

The blending of movement with the practice of meditation is not particularly new; its benefits are well known. However, it was only during the lockdown that I began to recognise this form of self-care, which combines mind and body, as a growing trend. For some, this might even become an alternative to traditional, immobile meditation. 

Why is movement so important, especially during a crisis or challenging times? Personally, I cannot offer enough praise for the practice of mobile meditation. By nature, I am drawn to the outdoors. In a single workday, we might encounter depression, a creative rut, mental exhaustion, or just a lack of motivation. Perhaps you have also found that movement can serve as a daily “detox” treatment. 

The following are some of my tips to help you derive the greatest impact from your mobile mediation time:

First and foremost, make a point of getting into nature; surround yourself with outdoor scenery, even for a short time. While you are walking, running, or engaging in any other type of movement, notice small details along your daily route which you may have overlooked in the past, like the position of the sun, reflections off the water, and the colours and shades of each season (and the most colourful one is coming!). You’d be surprised how the same path you take every day always offers something new to discover. Early runs are my favourite, because they offer a particular dynamic for a short period. Believe me, the symbiotics of smell, sound and colours have an undeniably positive impact on your sense of well-being. Be aware of small improvements to your mental state each time you engage in mobile meditation

Try to reward yourself with a short walk, a fast run, even walking the dog. Yes, you heard right: REWARD. Don’t view this as a burden or a duty that weighs heavily upon you. This experience has the potential to transform your mindset; be open to that possibility! Keeping a routine at the same time of day, on the same days of the week, can help you to form a good habit.  Make an appointment with yourself to take care of yourself! My advice is to not overload yourself with devices. Make this a device-free hour, or even half an hour. Leave your headsets at home; the melodies of nature sound so much sweeter. Introduce these sessions into your daily routine. Having a pet along for the journey might be the boost your daily routine needs. 

Secondly, find yourself a partner, even if they live abroad! Applications such as Strava allow you and your teammate to walk virtually, “together.”  Having someone to “meet up” with helps you stay motivated and “on track.” And the benefits won’t take long to appear. The flow of creativity will improve as your body releases stress and your mind is refreshed. 

How might the events benefit from this practical advice? Lately, there has been a renaissance of walking meetings or outdoor events. Mobile mediation not only embraces social distancing, but also facilitates teamwork and creative collaboration. Some movement apps might help to introduce outdoor meetings or “walk-and-talks,” combining tradition with technology. Just imagine international teams, freed from the confines of high-tech offices with stale air and static energy, attending a walking meeting and sharing their itineraries with each other over a mobile platform: 

“Hey, your office surroundings are stunning! Where are you?”

“Oh, our garden looks just the same…”

Suddenly, your small talk becomes more meaningful, sharing empathy and common values through your personal experiences or hobbies.

The best advice I can offer is that we should upgrade from simple movement to meaningful mobile meditation, and continue to explore the benefits of this healing practice together. 


Natallia Zaremba, Founder of Zaremba Consulting GmbH

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